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It is reassuring to know that the same lawyers sought out by people from across the nation are located in Gadsden, Alabama, and just a phone call away. Clients and lawyers from across the country have found justice with Cusimano, Roberts & Mills. From Oregon to Florida, and from Maine to California, lawyers and clients win trials and settlements with the skilled representation of Cusimano, Roberts & Mills.

Our Alabama personal injury attorneys are leaders in their field and profession. They speak and publish extensively to organizations of their peers and are often called on to help other lawyers on complex cases.

They believe being an attorney is much more than the certificates that hang on the walls. For them, it means the experience an attorney brings to your case, the care and commitment they offer to you and your family, and their desire that justice prevail for you.

We encourage you to look through the practice areas highlighted on this site. Read about our attorneys, staff and the recognitions we have received. If you need legal assistance, call us immediately. Let us put our expertise to work for you just as we have for so many others.

The attorneys of Cusimano, Roberts & Mills are collectively approaching a century and a half of experience in personal injury and civil trial law, as well as family law and business litigation.

  • Why did a county road inspector in South Alabama, struck by a dump truck, rely on CR&M to protect her interests?
  • How did Cusimano, Roberts & Mills help a Jackson County man injured by a forklift win a rightful settlement?
  • How did Cusimano, Roberts & Mills help a Tuscaloosa family receive a seven-figure settlement?
  • How did CR&M assure a couple hurt on a rural Alabama road won a large settlement against their own insurance company?
  • How did CR&M show that an employer's mistreatment of a worker called for punitive damages?
  • Why did a senior couple from Hunstville hire CR&M for help with injuries received in a car wreck?
  • Why did a Calhoun County businessman rely on CR&M in getting redress for being wronged in a business transaction?
  • How did victims of unfair insurance claim denials from across the US receive their due compensation because of CR&M's advocacy?
  • How did an injured store customer receive fair compensation through CR&M's efforts?
  • Why did a couple from Texas hire CR&M to represent them when they were injured by an 18-wheeler?
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Our success in catastrophic personal injury and civil trial law include: wrongful death and cases involving disabling injuries resulting from automobile/truck crashes; negligence; explosions/fires; construction; drugs; medical malpractice; defective products; premises/slip and fall injuries; consumer cases; commercial litigation; and nursing home neglect and abuse.

Individually, our attorneys have distinguished themselves in special areas such as trial techniques, jury attitudes and tort law. Banding our expertise together, we provide clients with a complete team approach where they can rest assured they have an unparalleled legal team in their corner.

So whether we are in the research phase of a case, the deposition phase, in negotiations with the other side or in court arguing your case to a jury, you can be confident the Alabama personal injury lawyers and staff of Cusimano, Roberts & Mills, LLC consider your rights to be OUR FIGHT.

While we are proud of the reputation we have earned as a nationally known plaintiff firm, there is something that many may not understand. Yes, we are involved in large well-known cases with large verdicts and big headlines. Yes, our attorneys speak around the country. But our motivation for our successes is not the name recognition or the big wins --- It’s helping our clients find justice.

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