How did CR&M assure complete compensation was awarded to a couple hurt in a car crash?

An Etowah County couple, injured when their car was struck from the rear on a rural road, turned to CR&M when the other driver’s insurance company refused to honor their claim. The CR&M team won an $800,000 jury verdict after trial, despite the opposition’s argument that the $4,500 amount of the couple’s medical expenses meant the injuries were not significant. We utilized expert testimony to show that serious mental distress and other damages developed from a head injury sustained in the crash. The couple ultimately received their full compensation after CR&M won a hard-fought appeal in the Alabama Supreme Court.

How did CR&M show that an employer’s mistreatment of a worker called for punitive damages?

A north Alabama plant employee was hurt on the job. His employer began mistreating him, and then fired him. He asked CR&M to protect his rights. A lawsuit was filed, and his case went to trial, producing the largest punitive damages verdict, at that time, ever seen in an Alabama wrongful discharge case. Even though the employer appealed and argued the verdict was so large it was unconstitutional, the CR&M team successfully defended the jury’s decision and the verdict was upheld.

Why was a Jackson County forklift accident case referred to the CR&M attorneys?

Another Alabama attorney referred to CR&M a case based on injuries to an insulation worker caused by plant employee's handling of a forklift load. CR&M's investigation and deposition questioning of plant employees showed that its forklift operator had not been trained to determine the forklift's load capacity before lifting the load, which became unstable and struck the worker. This resulted in a substantial settlement.

Why did a Tuscaloosa family hire CR&M for a fatal construction accident in Jefferson County?

A young laborer was electrocuted in 2008 when he came in contact with part of a structure in a schoolbuilding construction project. The CR&M team uncovered code violations and contract breaches by several companies that resulted in a 7-figure settlement for his widow and children.

Why did a senior couple from Huntsville hire CR&M for help with injuries received in a car wreck?

A senior couple were involved in a motor vehicle crash in Huntsville. The other driver’s insurance company refused to pay the fair amount of their claim, blaming their medical problems on their age and not the wreck. After working with their treating physician, CR&M established that their injuries were caused by the wreck and secured a settlement that included compensation for all their injuries.

Why did a county road inspector, struck by a dump truck, rely on CR&M to protect her interests?

A dump truck taking materials to a road construction job site backed over the foot of an inspector, severely injuring her. Though the company that owned the truck and hired the driver had no insurance and bankrupted, some persistent research and discovery by the CR&M team established proof of responsibility on the part of the project's general contractor, leading to a substantial recovery.

Why did a Calhoun County businessman rely on CR&M in getting redress for being wronged in a business transaction?

When a national food wholesaler backed out of a commitment to develop and finance a businessman’s retail store, he sought help from us. Intense discovery, hard-fought motion hearings, and battles over new legal precedents relating to lost profits and fraud law were required by our team. After a 6-week trial, the jury returned a multi-million dollar award that stood as the largest verdict ever affirmed at the time by our state’s appeals court.

How did victims of unfair insurance claim denials all over the United States receive their due compensation because of CR&M’s advocacy?

After a hard-working school janitor who suffered a heart attack was denied his credit disability benefits, CR&M’s lawsuits and discovery measures against the insurance company unraveled a wrongful system of claim handling practices. This caused the company to alter and correct its conduct and practices so that millions of dollars of previously-withheld benefits were paid to its customers on a nationwide basis.

How did an injured store customer receive fair compensation through CR&M’s efforts?

An elderly customer fell in the garden shop of a large retail store due to a broken and protruding piece of wood on a plant box. After her family attorney referred the case to CR&M, litigation in federal court produced a 6-figure recovery that provided a full and fair settlement award.

Why did a couple from Texas hire CR&M to represent them when dual axle wheels from an 18-wheeler broke loose and crashed into their car causing them to be injured?

A couple was traveling on Interstate 20 when an 18-wheeler traveling in the opposite direction lost dual axle wheels that broke away from the truck, crossed the median and crashed into their car. Through investigation and discovery, CR&M discovered that the trucking company failed to properly maintain the truck, causing the wheels to break away and injure our clients. After CR&M filed suit, it forced the company to take responsibility for the damages. The couple was compensated for their losses.