Drug Testing To Receive Unemployment Benefits

December 17, 2011

The holidays are here -- a time when we spread joy, gather with our families, be thankful for our good fortune, and open our hearts and pockets to those not so fortunate. I was in disbelief when I read what one party of congress proposed. Mandatory drug testing for Americans who find themselves unemployed and apply for unemployment compensation.

Only one state, as far as I know, passed such a law. The first 1000 people tested resulted in 98% being completely drug free. What a waste and an insult to working Americans who find themselves out of work through no fault of their own. wasting-your-money.jpg There are 13,000,000 Americans who find themselves in this lot. If Florida is any example, each drug test will cost $30.00. Guess what folks, that is a cost of $390,000,000 (three hundred ninety-million dollars) to find 98% of those tested are clean! What a great Christmas present to the unfortunate and to taxpayers as well. Give me a break!