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The attorneys of Cusimano, Roberts & Mills, LLC are experienced in personal injury and civil trial law. Our successes include wrongful death cases and cases involving catastrophic injuries resulting from automobile/truck crashes; explosions/fires; construction; drugs; medical malpractice; defective products;premises injuries; consumer cases; commercial litigation; nursing home negligence and general negligence. Our firm is also committed to our business and corporate clients.  For years we have been involved in helping those clients with business development and contracts, as well as litigation.

Our attorneys have individually developed areas of focus and we use our resources to build teams that meet individual client requirements. We represent clients in their business communities an courthouses—we serve as effective advocates at the negotiating table as well as before judges and juries. Our relationships, dedication to quality, understanding of the law and commitment to client service create in Cusimano, Roberts & Mills, LLC a unique ability to achieve results for our clients in all facets of our representation.

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Alabama Tort Law, authored by Michael L. Roberts

books"Alabama Tort Law and its annual update should be on the desk of every lawyer who practices tort law in Alabama. It is the best reference available on Alabama tort law and will more than pay for itself the first time you use it."—Professor Steve Emens, University of Alabama School of Law. CLICK HERE for ordering information.

Other Attorneys Seek Their Knowledge and Expertise

ATLA's Litigating Tort CasesATLA's Litigating Tort Cases, co-edited by Gregory Cusimano: Accomplished practitioners share practice-oriented experiences and insights, present and explain driving legal concepts to consider in your pleadings, focus on forum selection and more. CLICK HERE for ordering information.

Choose Attorneys Who Other Attorneys Seek

Cusimano, Roberts & Mills attorneys have a vast experience in representing clients who have been injured, or have loved ones who have been injured or died because of an injury caused by another person, company, or corporation.

Our experience also includes representing clients who are starting a new business or are working hard to maintain their business as an asset to the community.  Clients purchasing a new home or refinancing, filing for social Security Disability, or seeking help with elder care or domestic relations issues also appreciate our experience as they make life-changing decisions.

Not only do we represent clients who have come to us directly, but clients who have been sent to us by lawyers from all over the country.  Those firms have become acquainted with our reputation because our lawyers for years have lectured and taught other lawyers all over the country how to better represent clients, prepare cases for settlement, mediation, and trial, and how to win the most difficult cases.

In addition, Mike Roberts, is recognized as the authority on tort law in Alabama, and has written the book entitled Alabama Tort Law, which is referred to by lawyers and judges all across the state.  Greg Cusimano is the co-editor of a national six-volume work on Tort Law in America, which is the premier resource book for helping lawyers get justice for their clients.

Our lawyers have a strong team approach to representing our clients.  Because of the diversity of our firm, we represent clients with their business needs or other concerns that will take them to the courthouse.  Our areas of practice are:  personal injury; wrongful death; catastrophic injuries; car/truck crashes; explosions; construction; drugs; medical malpractice; defective products; commercial litigation; nursing home negligence; business law and corporate formation; wills; elder care; workers’ compensation; social security disability; domestic relations.

Our relationships, dedication to quality, understanding of the law, and commitment to client service create in Cusimano, Roberts & Mills, LLC a unique ability to achieve results for our clients in all facets of our representation.